ITR V Acknowledgement & Receipt Status

By now we hope that you have filed your Income Tax Returns. In case you have done it online, you would have received an ITR V Acknowledgement from the Income Tax Department.

Opening ITR V Acknowledgement

The password to open the acknowledgement has following format :

Say if your PAN No is AJIGG7777G and date of birth is 12 June 1981, your password would be ajigg7777g12061981.

What to do with the ITR V Acknowledgement?

Open your ITR V Acknowledgement, take a print of it, sign it and post the acknowledgement to the address mentioned on it.

Make sure the details mentioned on the acknowledgment are correct. Sign the ITR V acknowledgement with a blue pen preferably and send the original copy only. Photocopies are not accepted.
Send by Ordinary Post or Speed Post only. Couriers or Registered Post are not accepted. The acknowledgment must be send within 120 days of the filing of Income Tax Return.

Checking ITR V receipt status

Income tax department provides a facility to check ITR V receipt status online here.

If you have dispatched the acknowledgement by Ordinary Post you should be getting an email confirmation of receipt within 15 days of posting it.

  • Raj J.

    Many thanks this is  really useful for me

    • Anonymous

      Dear Reader,

      Thank you for your positive feedback.

  • bemoneyaware

    Have to be mailed within 120 days to
    “Income Tax Department – CPC, Post Bag No – 1, Electronic City Post Office, Bangalore – 560100, Karnataka…/ITR-V_Dos_and_Donts.doc

  • Jonyvicky

    What if ITR V is not sent within 120 days?

    • Anonymous

      Dear Reader,

      Please note that in case you do not send ITR V within 120 days of filing Income Tax Returns, then you would need to file your returns from scratch again.

      Please make sure you send your ITR V and also receive acknowledgement from IT Dept within 120 days.

  • Preranakedia21

    I have not received the confirmation on my mail, however the online status shows the reciept is positive, how do I get a copy of my confirmation?

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  • kalpat singh

    if i have not get receipt of itr V within 15 days then what i can do.

    • InsureInvest

      Dear Reader,

      In that case, please send signed ITR V to IT Dept again.