Saving for your child's education - Opt for a Money Back Plan

A short while ago i had been talking about various types of insurance. I had covered Term Plans, ULIPs, Health Insurance. However there is another type of insurance that you must have heard about - Money Back Insurance Plan. What exactly is this plan? Why should we go for it?

Money Back Plan is a similar to an endowment policy. While in an endowment policy you get returns after onlly after maturity, in a Money Back plan, it is paid at certain intervals during the policy term. Consider a Money Back Policy from LIC. Under this you get premium paid back to you after every 5th year. That means if you buy a policy of 10 lakhs for 16 years at a premium of 48000 (approx), every 5th year you get back 1.5 lakhs (15% of the sum assured). This is handy in taking care of expenses like you child's education or daughter's marriage, etc.

Apart from this you also get a life cover to take care of any emergency needs. And if you survive the entire policy term (we pray for that), you get back the remaining amount with bonus additions (which varies from 6% to 10% of sum assured).

Source: Times of India, Pune Edition

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