Investing in Mutual Funds - Check out MoneyToday, June25 edition

Again I am digressing from the agenda of this blog, but as I had said earlier, its not just about insurance, its also about investment, in fact effective investment.

One of the very popular mediums of investment is Mutual Funds. But investing in Mutual Funds is not enough. U should make sure that you invest in the right mutual funds,which give smart returns.

Check out Money Today, June 25 edition for Mutual Fund Rankings under various categories, and find out if you made the right choice. The rankings are very comprehensive, and definitely trustworthy. Hope it helps.

P.S. I wont be posting any more posts for this working week, as i will be working on enhancing the user experience for you all. That means, a better look and feel, more relevant tags, and more useful gadgets which u can readily use. See u on Saturday..mean while keep visiting :)

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