Term Plans – Final Post, Next Topic-ULIPS

For all those who have been reading my posts, the last few posts were basically aimed at answering a friend's query abt choosing b/w ULIPs or a combination of MFs&Term Plan. Though i have tried to explain in a simple manner it still might seem complicated to those new to the world of insurance. But dont worry. U will get a grip on these topics soon.

So far i have focussed on term plans and covered :
  1. What are Term Plans
  2. Wht are the varieties in Term Plans available in market
  3. Quotations of the best term plans available in market
  4. Riders and their importance
I wud recommend going for (LIC Jeevan Amulya - tried and tested), or SBI Shield (cheap and effective) or Kotak Term Plans (providing a lot of riders). Having said that, i wud shift my focus to ULIPs..the very popular insurance instrument and explain to all beginners wht r they and y r they so popular..but in my next post. Till then..ciao

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